Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Pudding: Part 2

Christmas Pudding is a bit controversial for some. Yes it is dense and quite rich but it's just what you need before you start your health-kick in the New Year! Whether it's Christmas Pudding or pie, it's funny that no matter how much we stuff ourselves during Christmas dinner there is always room for desert. Our Christmas Eve dinner of Seafood Bisque and Sea Bass was rounded off perfectly with the fruity, nutty & boozy flavours of the pudding. 

I think the fact that this year I used stoneware pudding basins (in place of the plastic basins of past years) allowed some of the fats to evaporate during the steam process leaving the pudding with a wonderful lightness that complemented rather then overwhelm the main meal.

E., as one could imagine, loves Christmas Pudding. In fact one Christmas a few years ago we even transported a pudding in my suitcase to Madrid for his family to try. Having forgotten to snip a piece of holly from the bush in our garden in London to top the pudding, I was quick to notice the potted holly bush outside a Madrid hotel one day while we were stopped at a red light. In the end it wasn't difficult to convince E. to alter our usual jogging route to include a cheeky trip past that holly bush...

So in the end my Christmas Pudding did not have to bear the shame of being served naked and even though E.'s father continues to threaten to hand me over to the Policía every time we visit, it was definitely worth it.

Happy Christmas!


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