Saturday, 17 October 2009

Shannoncita's Independent Café... finally!

Welcome to Shannoncita's Independent Café !

I have been intending to start a blog for quite some time, but you know how it is. Doing anything for the first time is daunting and the first thing you should know about me is that I am world class procrastinator, so I tend to put things off and off and off.... Well actually the first thing you should know is that I love to cook- I especially love to bake, but I suppose as that is the purpose of this blog that will become evident.

You should also know that Shannoncita's Independent Café does not exist as bricks and mortar, it is more a of a concept than an actuality. The name came from my partner E. , who I used to regularly drag all around London looking for the best places to drink coffee; the main criteria that made those places the best was that they were independent traders making a serious effort to deliver the best possible product to their customers. Anyway E. has always said that I should someday open my own café selling my own cakes and great coffee- Shannoncita's Independent Café.

I have been reading food blogs for a long time , and of course have a few favourites who always inspire me, but certainly don't expect to come close to their their skill or flair for presentation- not to mention beautiful photography. This blog will give me a specific reason to bake often, and along the way I hope to do is improve my own skills and eventually learn to take beautiful photos; in the meantime E. will be my photographer.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, Shannoncita, qué rico! Nice pictures and nice atmospheric literature too. It's so tempting that I'll try to bake something myself, even if I know that probably the result will be much poorer als yours.

If you need some independent taster (not E.) before you put the recipes on the blog, please ask me. I'll be very pleased.

Long life Shannoncita's Independent Café!
P. (un admirador)

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